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Sinful Glows is the proud Spray Tanning Sponsor of the Petite USA 2021, 2022 & 2023

Petite USA 

Petite USA™ was founded in 2009 to be a platform for petite women (5'6 or less) in the pageant industry. It is the nation's largest pageant system for petite women and is proud of its history and past queens. The Petite USA pageant offers titles for four different divisions: Teen, Miss, Ms. Mrs., and Elite Ms. across 50+ different states and regions and across the United States. 

The Petite USA pageant is the official preliminary to the Universal Petite pageant, where petite women from all over the world compete for the coveted Teen, Miss, and Ms. Universal Petite title.

To apply to represent your Division & State click here through the Petite USA website. 

Queens as a small token & GIFT to you, reserve your SPOT in the next 24 hours & ONLY PAY the full amount of $75 via Venmo (SinfulGlows), Zelle / Apple Pay (414) 975-7797  - MUST pay FULL amount ONLY by these methods to receive BEST PRICE and only do as friend to friend (not as a service or you are charged more....) to secure the time and gift price to You! Also, you will be given another GIFT the day of service as a THANK YOU!

My 3 Winners Petite USA 2021 (2).jpg

Winners of  Petite USA
March 2021

Teen Petite USA 2021

Melanie Juarez

Miss Petite USA 2021

Lindsey Mazzeo

Ms. Petite USA 2021

Catherine Bandstra 

Mrs. Petite USA 2021

Nancy Nguyen Liles 

2022 Petite USA Winners - Kristi Stephens.jpg

Winners of Petite USA
August 2022

Teen Petite USA 2022

Shayleena Wijerathna

Miss Petite USA 2022

Alexis Newlin

Ms. Petite USA 2022

Deborah Missy Scott

Mrs. Petite USA 2022

Allison Wilkinson

Elite Ms. Petite USA 2022

Kristi Stephens

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