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Welcome to your Hotel!  You were so busy, didn't have time to get a GLOW before you got here?  No problem, Sinful Glows will come right to your hotel room!  


No need to get in a Taxi to find a place that will spray tan, we come right to you!  In and out in 20 minutes.


Please make sure you are EXFOLIATED & Shaved, prefer 2 hours before getting there, but it's not a problem if it's last minute also NOTHING on your skin, no chemicals, no lotions, oils, perfumes, etc. 


Have dark loose fitting clothes to put on after TAN!  


24/7 Pricing varries for LATE night/early morning apointments. Please call/text (414) 975-7797 for booking and questions. 

Hotel/Resort Spray Tan

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