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Sinful Glows Spray Tan 

Need a LAST MINUTE spray tan?

Call/Text to book within hour (414) 975-7797

Sinful Glows has 400+ 5 star reviews & voted #1 Best Organic Mobile Spray Tan in Scottsdale & surrounding areas. Over 15 years in business & airbrushing experience, we started in Los Angeles, opened in Las Vegas, San Diego, Milwaukee & now Scottsdale & Phoenix. 


~Organic | Paraben-Free| Express Solution 

~Skin firming + Vitamins 

~Rinse 1-4 hours

~No Scent 

~No Orange

~No Streaking

~No Mess

~In & Out of home/hotel in 15/20 minutes 


 Prepare Skin for Spray Tan:

  • Exfoliate & Shave 8-24 hours before Tan

  • Use lots of lotion prior to appointment & drink lots of water which aids in tan lasting longer

  • Day of tan do not put chemicals on skin (no deodorants, perfumes, lotions or OILS)

  • Loose dark clothes or robe & flip flops to wear after, nothing TIGHT on skin as it will move the bronzer

  • Don't forget your SUNSCREEN here are our FAVORITES! 

  • Extend length of spray tan by moisturizing with our favorite lotions in the am/pm every day


Old Town Scottsdale | Paradise Valley | Phoenix | Cave Creek |Tempe | Glendale | Fountain Hills | Mesa | Chandler | Gilbert

Check out Sinful Glows BLOG 

Herbal Face Food VIt C Cream.jpg

Harnessing the Power of Plants for Youthful Skin

Sick of how old your face is looking?  
Do you want to PREVENT sun damage, wrinkles?
Do you want to remove brown spots, melasma, wrinkles, scars?
Do you want a NATURAL 50SPF that reverses your skin to when you were young?

This serum is made with nothing but plants, removing  melasma, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles, scars in under  90 days.   

Skin looks brighter, more radiant, glowy and dewy! 

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"Take care of your body it's the only place you have to Live..."

Jim Rohn

Best Organic Airbrush Tan in home or hotel Scottsdale and Phoenix | Last minute appointments within the hour
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