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To Do Before a Spray Tan:

24 Hours before a spray tan:

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! If you have super DRY skin, start exfoliating every time you are in the shower prior to your appointment day. 24 hours before your appointment, make sure to SHAVE and exfoliate NO OILS in shower. The day of the Sinful Glows Spray Tan, be ready to go, no LOTIONS, no DEODORANTS, no PERFUMES, no OILS on skin. BARE SKIN since we don't know the chemicals in those products.  Don't wait to 5 minutes before we arrive to shower, that is a BIG NO's bad for the spray tan, can cause streaking since you are body is hot and again, no idea what chemicals are in the products you will be using.

Sooooo 12-24 hours before appt is the BEST! 

Have DARK super BAGGY clothes to put on after, no over the face HOODIES, they tend to ruin spray tans.  Think a BIG MOOMOO dress, BIG Jogging pants (from your partner) BIG LOOSE dark black / blue T-SHIRTS.  The tighter your clothes, your tan will move around and could ruin it. 

Always Book a GLOW 24-48 hours in advance prior to a big event, the tan looks the best and full developed 24-48 hours after.

BRIDES - Depending on the weather and humidity....48-72 hours in advance....If your wedding is on a Saturday, schedule your GLOW Wednesday. 

Again, nothing on skin.....

Drink LOTS of water the week leading up to tan and through tan, it will last longer when your skin is supple. 

Lots of Lotion after the tan for the 7-10 days, will make it last longer and fade super naturally. 

Sinful Glows


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